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Hackers keep an eye on their Facebook and Google account, and access data via apps

Your data about Google and Facebook is in great danger. Hackers are taking new ways of stealing the data from users. In this theft of data through apps is nowadays in trend. There’s a lot of vicious developers around the world stealing their data and spying on users through fake apps. In the latest case, Trend Micro 9, a Japanese cyber security firm, has identified apps that target Google and Facebook accounts for users.

Trend Micro researchers have identified 9 fake Android apps which access user data incorrectly. It is a matter of concern that these apps have been downloaded a total of 4 lakh 70 thousand times so far. These fake apps exist on the Google Play Store as a performance optimisation tool.

These apps are used by hackers to spread malware on smartphones of users. Usually, these malware is hidden within apps such as’ Speed Clean’ or’ Super Clean.’ This is hackers ‘ trick so they promote fake and dangerous apps as tools for optimizing smartphone performance.

These fake apps install 3000 kinds of malware on smartphones of users. The hackers get access to the user’s Google and Facebook account after the malware is installed. After that, the hackers attempt to trick the users by displaying fake ads.

Those apps can not be identified by the Google Play Store, so users are asked to disable Play Protect before it is installed. Play Protect is the program Google is running to prevent these fake apps. Hackers will deliver fake apps and malware to the user’s smartphone according to their choice after the play protect is disabled.

It’s relieving that Google removed those apps from the Play Store. However, with other such apps, hackers are believed to be able to try to harm users once again. It’d be better if you download the right one and only Google-verified apps from the Play Store.

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