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Sundar Pichai congratulates Google Maps, 15 years old, with new logo

One no longer sees the paper maps when wandering the path and opens Google Maps directly in the smartphone. Google has completed 15 years of service offering excellent navigation features, and is used by almost every Android smartphone user. It was launched in 2005 as Google Earth, and is now the most frequently used mapping service. Google Maps is not only popular among users, but also many popular apps that also take help from accessing location data such as Uber, Ola and Swiggy. This service has got a new company logo as a gift after completing 15 years. It has also rolled out some new features for Maps. Where a map has been created in the old Google Maps icon and a location pin has been seen on it, the new icon is quite different from that. The new icon features a minimal design with white background and round edges, and as with the rest of Google’s products, the simple logo is given to Maps. Like other icons of Google products, this logo is pretty colorful.

Not only has CEO Sundar Pichai tweeted and congratulated the completion of 15 years of Google Maps, but he has also written a blog to explain how this service has made life easier for his and other users and helped them when needed. Pichai wrote that he could reach the right place with the aid of maps to eat his favorite food items. He’s also shared a list of his favorite places in the blog on Google Maps. Pichai wrote, Happy 15th birthday Google Maps, on Twitter. Today I show some places on maps that have been helpful to me and I have found my favorite special dish everywhere.

There are also many features added to the latest Google Maps update. The latest Google Maps app with its new icon has five tabs-Explore, Commute, Save, Contribute and Update. Users previously only got two tabs-Explore and Commute. Using the Explore tab, users can see a restaurant around their location, or special places. In this tab, ratings are seen from reviews from all places. Using commute tab, users will be shown the easiest and shortest way to get to any place. The users must set their daily commute to activate this tab.

Users of the maps can see the traffic status and optional route on the daily map after saving their home and office address. Users are given information about particular spots and attractions around them in the Updates tab. Using this tab, users can chat with the business directly, too. Google also allows users to contribute to the map, and apart from giving a review or rating, users can upload photos or videos as well. Google just rolled out certain special features for Indian users, including two-wheeler mode and travel time.

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