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Systweak Android Cleaner – Android Cleaning App Review

There are many apps in Google Play Store that claims to super-charge or boost your phone with a tap. It is not the “boost” part I am interested in, but many other features that these cleaning or optimizing tools provide the android smartphone users with.


What Exactly Cleaners Do?

The name cleaner doesn’t tell the whole story, and Systweak Android Cleaner is not an exception. Typically such apps give many utilities other than that for cleaning junk.

Cleaner apps clean unwanted trash such as .apk files, temporary files and other junk from your smartphone. These apps boost android phone and optimize RAM so that you can multitask without any hassles and get a little improved performance from your device.

That being said, RAM optimization (killing unrequired services that are loaded on memory) is only needed when you are using an outdated android smartphone. The phones with high-specs have enough free memory at their disposal to multitask easily without any noticeable lag.


What Systweak Android Cleaner offers?

Systweak Android Cleaners is one of the easiest android cleaning apps we have ever tested. On the home screen, all the modules are listed. There is a Phone Boost button in the center. It frees up memory when you tap on it.

As mentioned earlier, it instantly speeds-up your android phone if the phone has not-so-impressive hardware specs i.e. a low RAM and an old processor.

Systweak Android Cleaner - Android Cleaning App Review

There are four other features that can be accessed from the home-screen. These features are Junk Files, Battary Saver, App Manager and Storage Manager.


Junk Clean

No fancy stuffs here. All you need to do is select ‘junk files’ option from the home-screen and tap once on ‘Clean Now’ button. It removes cache files and temporary data. You can also select .APK files and Browser data to remove them from your smartphones.


Battery Saver

This utility is easily the best part of the app. There is absolutely no need to get any other stand-alone battery saver app if you have Systweak Android Cleaner installed.

The utility optimizes a few settings such as auto-sync and display (screen brightness and screen timeout) so that you can get some additional hours of battery life.

Systweak Android Cleaner - Android Cleaning App Review image-01

One can easily unmark any of the listed services in order to not to impact it when battery saver is turned on.

In our tests, battery saver improved the battery life by as much as 30%.


Space Manager

This includes two other modules i.e. App Manager and Storage Manager. Selecting App manager shows the list of all installed apps along with the storage space they are gobbling up in your phone. It could prove to be a really handy tool to uninstall frivolous apps that you rarely use.

Systweak Android Cleaner - Android Cleaning App Review image-02


Systweak Android Cleaner - Android Cleaning App Review image-03

Storage Manager categorizes files as per different criteria. All files that you downloaded from the Internet reside in Downloaded Files, while the files that are large rest in Big Files.

You can select any category to the see the list of files and delete any number of these files from the app itself.



From the usual cleaning and optimizing modules to some really good utilities such as storage manager and battery saver, Systweak Android Cleaner leaves very little to complain about. On the top of that, the app shows no ads and is free.

We recommend Systweak Android Cleaner to every android smartphone user.

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