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Whatsapp: Increases fear of hacking, immediately activate this security features

Whatsapp offers many security and privacy features for its users. The company is trying to keep its users ‘ Whatsapp account safe from hackers. It has become very important to keep Whatsapp account safe after the cases relating to Pegasus spyware. Pegasus is the very same spyware that last year hacked 120 Indians ‘ phones. Not just this, it’s also been used to hack Amazon owner Jeff Bezos ‘ phone.

We’re telling you about Whatsapp’s two-step verification feature, to make the account safe. By enabling it, you can make your Whatsapp data more secure. When the feature is activated, a 6-digit pass-code is required when the phone is reset or the SIM is changed to log in to the Whatsapp account. Let’s know an easy way to get this feature activated.

Open Whatsapp to activate two-step verification, and go to Settings. You’ll get the option of two-step verification here in the account section, which enables you to go to Settings. You’ll need to enter a 6-digit PIN after you do this.

Whatsapp will then ask you to add an e-mail address after confirming the PIN. You can reset the PIN using this email address, if you forget it. Keep in mind that no email address should be missed, because Whatsapp does not verify it. If you enter the wrong email in such a situation it will be hard to reset it if you forget the two-step verification PIN. Please tell me it is up to you to give an email address or not. If you want, you can skip that step too.

Last year, Whatsapp introduced their fingerprint feature. Using this feature, you can use fingerprint to secure your Whatsapp account. Go to the account option given in the settings to enable it, and tap Privacy. Finally, you’ll get the fingerprint lock option here that you can activate by toggling on.

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