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Google watches every activity you do, stores all the data

Google has become an integral part of our lives. There are many of those Internet-related tasks that can not be completed without Google’s help. At the same time, use of Android smartphones requires a Google account. If you’re using a Google Chrome or Android smartphone, then Google will monitor all of your activity. Which app you download from the Play Store, or which website you visit, Google has all of its data. Not only that, if you’re using Google Assistant, the voice commands you give will also be saved to your Google account. It is a matter of relief, though, that Google also allows us to view these data stored in profile settings. You’ll also get an option here to prevent Google from recording data and web activity as well.

To access personal data, initially open your computer’s Gmail browser. Click on the image in your Gmail profile. You will find’ Manage your account option for Google’ here. After doing so, a separate tab will open the Google Accounts Settings page.

Click on the’ Manage your data and customisation ‘ option in the’ Privacy and Personalization ‘ option here. After that go to the’ Web and App Activity’ option given here under’ Activity Control.’ This is the section where you save all of your activity on Google. You can also view your location and YouTube history in the’ Privacy and Personalization ‘ option.

If you do not want Google to save your data, then the toggle switch given here can be turned off. Let me tell you, Google’s account history page records all the Google ecosystem activity until you switch it off.

There is plenty of alert about Google users ‘ safety. That’s why Google provides its users with an option to check which devices work on their Google Account. Also, if after logging in to any device you forgot to logout, then going to the Settings page, it’s a good idea to secure personal data.

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