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iPhone like Tesla cybertruck, more than 93 lakhs in price

The world’s most expensive iPhone entered This is not a new iPhone but rather the redesigned and modified iPhone 11 Pro. This iPhone has been redesigned by famous Russian company Caviar. The redesigned variant is inspired by the Cyber-truck which was launched last year by Tesla by Elon Musk. The redesigned iPhone 11 Pro could cost more than 93 Lakh.

With the help of Gold and Diamond Cavier is known for redesigning popular gadgets. The company redesigns gadgets for the world’s rich people, who can spend millions of rupees on fulfilling their high-tech gadget hobbies. For similar users, the iPhone 11 Pro has been redesigned too. The company also redesigns tablets and smartwatches, in addition to smartphones.

Inspired by CyberTruck, this iPhone maintains a protective titanium body. The entire phone is covered with a sheet of metal. In such a situation it will not be harmed even if it falls. The phone’s outer shell can be folded while it is being used, and it does not cause any calling problems. From this phone’s first look it’s known it’s made like a strong Tesla CyberTruck.

The Cavier team that redesigned the iPhone 11 Pro said, “This phone is inspired by Tesla’s CyberTruck geometry and we’ve tried to make it attractive too. It works perfectly and looks very good too. It’s become a bit thicker after redesign than the normal iPhone 11 Pro.

Only the 99 iPhone 11 Pro was redesigned to Cavier. Caviar gave no information on what its price will be. The company says it will only disclose its price to the original purchasers. The company has also previously redesigned iPhones that cost up to 1 lakh pounds with gold and diamonds. In such a situation the iPhone Cyber-truck is not believed to be cheap.

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