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Poco copied the camera tagline for OnePlus, claims Product Manager

These days there is a debate on Twitter’s microblogging site between Xiaomi and Realme. Both companies have made numerous allegations against one another. The matter grew even further when Xiaomi called Reality a’ copy-cat’ on Twitter. The twist in this whole incident, however, came when a worker working at OnePlus accused Xiaomi of copying. Poco India’s general manager, C Manmohan, recently shared plans for the company as an independent brand. In his tweet Manmohan wrote,’ We have redesigned X’s value. Be ready to experience something SmoothAF. Sizamon Kopek was among the users who saw and reacted to this tweet. Kopek was actually OnePlus ‘ product manager and said Poco copied OnePlus’s tagline.

Kopeck said he feels bad for the OnePlus workers and can’t imagine a company being un-creative in creating taglines. Kopeck wrote,’ It doesn’t really matter, just feel bad for OnePlus employees, because I know how much their marketing team is trying to do well.’ He wrote,’ Imitating is a kind of flattery.’

Let’s tell you, Manu Kumar Jain, MD of Xiaomi India and Anuj Sharma, Head of Marketing, recently called Realme a’ copy-cat’ on Twitter, and Realme Chief’s response has come to this. Madhav Seth, CEO of Realme India, replied that Xiaomi called Realme a’ copy cat’. A Twitter user tagged Madhav and asked what that story had to say about him. Madhav replied the behavior of Xiaomi is not like a leader in the market.

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