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Apple Watch saved a user’s life again

The Apple Watch Series is the market leader in the smartwatch category, though it can place a heavy burden on your wallet with its price tag. Even if its price is high but nothing is more precious than someone’s life, and by alerting the customer, Apple Watch has once again saved his life. In the past too many times, Apple Watch has sent out SOS warnings in the event of an emergency to rid users of risky and fatal conditions. The problem now being revealed is that of Malaysia.

For Farhat Hanif, a freelance architect and restaurant owner living in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, the Apple Watch Series 4 has proven helpful. Because of its sleek design, 20-year-old Hanif bought the watch but he had no idea that Apple’s watch would help save his life by detecting his unusual heart beat pattern. Farhat said he was on a flight last year in August, when his watch sent an abnormal message about heart beat.

During the flight, Hanif felt his heart beat detected irregular due to stress. However, he later also started receiving such alerts from the Watch and many times, while resting at home or watching TV, the watch gave him a warning signal. They realized this was a mistake and the system was reset but the warnings did not stop. Let me tell you, when their heart beat goes above 120 beats per minute without exercise, Apple Watch alerts users.

Farhat eventually decided to get an electrocardiogram (ECG) and a blood test. Investigations found that he had an ectopic rhythm, which is a heart beat faster than usual, and in the absence of time, could cause a heart attack. Farhat is undergoing treatment now, and Apple Watch thanks for that. Let me remind you that before this, another case was announced in which, thanks to Apple’s Watch 4, a 67-year-old man was rushed into hospital on time and saved his life.

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