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New button on Facebook, shared data will be erased with a single click

A new option has been added to the Facebook social media site. With the support of this Facebook button, you will be able to delete data shared with third party apps and websites. When you use the internet, your data is shared with a lot of websites about what you’re doing on Facebook. Besides this, many websites and apps have the option to log in with the help of Facebook. Some of the data associated with the Facebook account is also shared with these sites and apps. Facebook has a lot of knowledge about its users.

Facebook, one of the rising advertisers in the world, knows a lot about its users. In such a case, getting data on websites or applications helps to show the advertising associated with your preference. In addition, data related to social media are used to attract customers. For example, Facebook knows if users are interested in buying shoes or needing to buy new clothes. As a consequence, Facebook also displays ads on the site.

This process involving Facebook data is still secret and a lot of things have not been disclosed. Nevertheless, the site has now become serious about the privacy of users and offers users the option of testing their data. Facebook has now launched a new’ Off-Facebook Activity ‘ feature in this section. Mark Zuckerberg said, “In the next decade, our priority will be on user privacy and we need to do a lot of work on it.” Any user data exchanged with other sites and apps can now be protected by going through privacy settings.

A new case of data leakage from Facebook and Twitter users has recently been revealed. In this respect, both of these social media platforms have confirmed that the data of hundreds of users has been inappropriately accessed in this privacy breech. Data theft has been performed by some third party apps in the Google Play Store. This has caused more damage to users logging in to these applications.

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