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The Smart Light Of Xiaomi Will Be Turned on By Motion Detector, Price Rs 599

Mi Motion-Activated Night Light 2 was introduced in India by Chinese tech company Xiaomi, priced at only Rs 599. The most special feature of this smart light is that it turns on automatically after motion detection. In such a situation, if you go to the room to open a cupboard, the light will automatically turn on. At the same time, this smart light will automatically switch off as soon as you leave and save energy as well.

The smart light of Xiaomi will be turned on by motion detector, price Rs 599

The Mi Motion-Activated Night Light 2 can be mounted anywhere as required and is powered by three AA side batteries. The smart light will rotate at 360 degrees and gives users two levels of brightness. This smart light, however, just functions like a night lamp and can not replace standard LED lamps. It can be purchased on Xiaomi’s official website. The company also offers a six-month warranty on this.

Wireless Mouse Also Launched:
Xiaomi has introduced Mi Portable Wireless Mouse in India. The price of this new device has been set at Rs 499 and can be purchased in two color options, Black and White. The Mi Portable Wireless Mouse weighs 56 grams and has a two-way scroll wheel and five physical buttons. This mouse uses RF 2.4GHz private protocol technology for wireless connection. Xiaomi says this mouse can be used with a battery life of 12 months.

FM Radio Power Bank:
Xiaomi launched a new power bank on the market last year. It is obvious that smartphones and other electronics will be charged with this. In addition to charging, users will also be able to listen to FM radio on this power bank. You read it right, Xiaomi introduced an FM radio power bank. In fact, this power bank is integrated into the FM radio and has two USB Type-A ports. Its overall design is inspired by the retro FM radio.

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