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20,000 girlfriend ready to go to the moon with billionaires!

20,000 women are on their way to the moon with Yusaku Maezawa, Japan’s luxury tycoon. In reality, on 12 January 2020 Yusaku submitted an open online application, in which he was searching for his girlfriends to get closer to the moon. So far, more than 20 thousand applications have been made for Yusaku’s online application to become girlfriends. In 2023, he was looking for a female partner for Elon Musk’s first commercial space flight Project SpaceX. Yusaku was the first person to travel close to the moon on a starship rocket.

Who is this Yusaku Maezawa?
Yusaku Maezawa is the 18th richest man in Japan. In 2004, Zozotown launched by him a fashion website. In 2018, Yusaku launched its ZoZo apparel collection in 72 countries. Last year, he resigned as CEO after selling a 30 per cent stake in his online fashion company Zozo. For this, Yusaku got a $2.3 billion exit package. At the time, Yusaku had said that he had left his post because of the 2023 moon trip.

Yusaku Maezawa

Partner will select through realty TV show:
Yusaku will select the partner through a dedicated realty TV show. On 12 January, he tweeted a link to his 72 lakh fans. The link takes viewers to the application page, which is likely to be a documentary for Japan’s Abema TV streaming site. The name of the documentary is’ Full Moon Lovers.’ It was promoted as a romantic matchmaking documentary by Yusaku Maezawa. In the video, Maezawa is searching for a life-partner to fly with him to the moon.

Yusaku is searching for these attributes in his girlfriend:
As far as the eligibility of applicants is concerned, the age of the partner should be more than 20 years. She’s always interested in space exploration and wants world peace. Please tell me that Maezawa is 44 years old.

Seat will be reserved for partner:
Maezawa who has purchased tickets for several spacecraft seats. He’s going to invite 6-8 people to walk with him. One of these seats Maezawa needs to hold for her romantic partner.

Partners will be chosen by March:
17th Jan, the last date for the submission of applications to become Maezawa’s girl friend. According to the website, Maezawa will pick a partner by March of this year.

This is not the first unique announcement:
This is not the first unique announcement that Maezawa made on Twitter. Earlier this year, he revealed that he would pay $9 million to his 1,000 fans for a social experiment.

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