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OnePlus 8 Lite live photos leaked will be fitted with a triple back camera instead of a dual one

China’s smartphone maker OnePlus is working on three new smartphones, one of which is expected to be named OnePlus 8 Lite. The CAD rendering of this phone was revealed last month. At the same time, some live photos of this phone have now surfaced. According to this leaked photo, the front and back dummies of OnePlus 8 Lite have been viewed online. It has been indicated that a triple rear camera can be used on the phone.

New images have been released by Slashleaks.

There are some smartphones in two rows in a plastic container. It has a OnePlus logo. There was also a triple rear camera on its back panel. These phones appear to be dummy models or concept models. The OnePlus logo on this blue phone can be inferred that this phone can be OnePlus 8 Lite. These phones are very similar to those released by Onleaks with a dual rear camera.

According to these photos, a triple rear camera was placed on the back panel of the phone, which has a flash module on par. At the same time, talking about the back panel of the phone, there was a large notch on the screen. This phone looks like an old OnePlus smartphone, as there’s news that OnePlus 8 Lite is being introduced with a punch-hole display.

Possible details of OnePlus 8 Lite:

The new OnePlus series can be introduced with the MediaTek Dimension 1000 chipset. It’s coming with the 5 G flagship processor. At the same time, if talking about OnePlus 8 Lite, this phone can be offered with Qualcomm Snapdragon 765 or Snapdragon 765G. It’s coming with an integrated 5 G modem. No details of the fingerprint scanner have been found on the phone. In this case, this phone can be provided with an on-screen fingerprint scanner. Amoled panels are expected to be given in the phone. Also, 20:9 aspect ratios and full HD Plus display can be provided.

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