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Note Taking App for iPad and iPhone:Keep yourself updated with reminders on your

Word processors are convenient and all, yet in some cases you simply need to make a brisk note. Whether it’s to scribble down your shopping show, some speedy tune verses, or a telephone number, the convenience of a note-taking application effectively surpasses that of a heftier word processor.

Note Taking App for iPad and iPhoneKeep yourself updated with reminders on your

The issue is, the App Store is full to the overflow of note-taking applications and, in case you’re in a rush, you presumably simply need to know which one the best is and move forward.

148apps is here to offer assistance. We’ve scoured the App Store to convey to you the absolute best note-taking application on offer.

The best

Notes by Apple may not be the most component rich offering but rather it’s positively the most simple to utilize and set up – seemingly the most critical quality for a note-taking application.

Open it up and you can begin taking a note immediately, with iCloud reconciliation a unimportant tap away so you can get to your notes on the greater part of your iOS gadgets.

You can set up headers, numbered and slug pointed records, and fuse pictures unfathomably effectively – and in addition take notes physically in case you’re in a genuine surge.

Yes, in case you’re an iOS-aficionado, you truly can’t show improvement over Notes.

Know about other apps like Evernote, Google Keep and Microsoft OneNote

Evernote, then again, is a standout amongst the most component rich note applications on offer in the App Store – even in its free “Essential” structure.

There is a huge amount of designing choices, an update capacity, scrawl notes, voice notes, and it’s anything but difficult to share the note to a kindred Evernote client or a partner by email.

The camera capacity is especially awesome, as it permits you to output records directly into a note with no of your experience incorporated into the shot.

Evernote’s greatest issue is that a hefty portion of the best components are taken cover behind a regularly scheduled paywall, as logged off access to notes, sparing messages to Evernote, and all the more month to month transfers.


GoogleKeep, keeps things straightforward, much like Notes, and is a note-taking application in its least complex shape and adjusts to your Gmail account so is an alluring alternative for clients with both an Android and iOS gadget.

You can sort out notes as indicated by marks, set updates, use pictures, make voice notes, and effectively share notes to Google Docs and other Email clients.

Your notes can be shown as a rundown or as a gathering of boxes much like a sticky note board too, which makes it a delight to skim.

It’s not especially rich in elements, but rather it’s a decent choice for iOS and Android stragglers or those as of now put resources into Gmail.

Microsoft OneNote

Much like Google Keep, Microsoft OneNote is an extraordinary choice in case you’re as of now put resources into another stage – for this situation Windows.

The greater part of the designing alternatives you can consider arrive, and you can join pictures, sound clips, and documents into notes then fare them as a PDF.

There’s additionally an assortment of scrawl note choices and you can without much of a stretch offer notes in the middle of fellow OneNote users and email addresses.

It’s a long way from the finest note-taking application to beauty this rundown yet it’s a not too bad alternative for those put resources into Windows stages.

Any other note taking or keeping app that clicks your mind! Do share with us!!

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