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Xiaomi? Rumor suggests Huawei to build the next Google Nexus phone

If rumors are to be believed Silicon Valley super daddy Google may well have caught on to the 21st century adage – ‘Everything is manufactured in China. For much cheaper’. Most of the readers expected Xiaomi, but the rumors point at Huawei, another Chinese manufacturer to build Google’s next Nexus smartphones in 2015.huawei-google-nexus-2015

GizChina has reportedly revealed that Google may be looking to work with Chinese manufacturer Huawei for the next in line for their popular Nexus range of smartphones. If this is true, then 2015 could be an eventful year for Google as they are touted to release two variants of the next Nexus smartphone – one manufactured by a Chinese manufactures (tipped to be Huawei) and one manufactured by LG. The Chinese made Nexus could be Google’s most affordable Nexus version yet.

In 2014, Google released the much-awaited Nexus 6 smartphone and the bigger, better, badder Nexus 9 tablet. Manufactured by the now-Lenovo-acquired Motorola, both devices were run on the Android 5.0 Lollipop. And much like most of Google’s products, both were very well received, even though Nexus 6 is the most expensive smartphone Google has ever launched. And later this year, if reported talks with Huawei come to fruition, we might see Google’s work its magic on an improved, new-age Nexus, but at a lower price.

Huawei is looking for a favorable partner for Google because they manufacture their own devices with their own in-house processing power. No need for a Qualcomm means lower cost to build and better the device. Google has worked with LG before, for the Nexus 4 and Nexus 5. LG has significantly worked upon their own devices and improved the LG G3, as well as, the G Flex 2.

Speculation is rife over what the new Nexus will come power packed with, how big the screens will be and who else are on Google’s shortlist for manufacturing more wondrous products to tumble out of Google’s stables this year. Watch this space for more.

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