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Increase Burning of Coal in China

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The revised report about the estimates can cause difficulties for the efforts being made to control the emission of carbon, as stated in a conference on Climate Change in Paris.

China has been using significantly more coal than the previously recorded quantity. There’s in increasing in coal burning in China, according to the Government figures that were released, few days back.

Increase Burning of Coal in China

As reported by New York Times, the data were recently revised, which brings into notice that currently the country has increased coal burning by 17 per cent, each year. This means, it’s burning 17 per cent more coal than the previously recorded figures. So, now it is estimated to have an additional release of carbon dioxide of about 1 billion into the atmosphere.

The revision is based on the latest 2013 census information which displays that the country’s consumption of coal has been undervalued since 2000.

Being the world’s largest carbon dioxide emitter with the use of coal, China was requested to reduce its coal consumption. This year, China government was requested to reduce the carbon dioxide emission at a United Nations climate change conference held at Paris. At the conference, the leaders of the world hope to find a conclusion on limiting the emission of greenhouse gases.

By 2030, the country intends to reach the highest point of its carbon dioxide emissions, although the current revelations recommend for urgent action to be taken into consideration. For example, in 2012, China utilized 600 million additional tons of coal, which equates to be 70 per cent more coal that is being used in the United States, every year.

The director of the China Center for Energy Economics Research, Lin Boqiang, says to the Times that “It has developed a lot of concern”. The basic information need to be adjusted & global agencies must adjust their bases of data. It’s been a bothersome as most of the commitments and forecasts were according to the previously recorded data.

Times has noted that the Country’s revision wouldn’t have any sort of impact on the earlier recordings of carbon dioxide emission into the atmosphere that were calculated directly. So, the main job for scientists is to find out where the extra carbon dioxide emission from the country’s burning of coal is being absorbed – either by oceans or forests.

This Wednesday, during a meeting with President Francois Hallande, the China Prime Minister Li Keqiang repeated the commitment of limiting its pollution and emission, stating it as a “duty being a human”.

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