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Amazon is About to Open Its Initial Physical Bookstore!


Seattle, Washington

Over 20 years back, Amazon started as an online bookseller, and today it decided to sell the books in the traditional way. Last Tuesday, Amazon opened a bookstore in Washington City – Seattle is known as Amazon Books. It’s the Company’s first physical Bookstore & location.

Amazon said, “It’s not exactly like the regular bookstore, as it will rely on Amazon.com information that includes sales total, customer ratings & Goodread’s popularity in order to decide the books to be included in stock. The Curators will also play an important role.

Amazon is About to Open Its Initial Physical Bookstore

Kindles, The Echo & Fire Tablets Will Be Available On Display! Along with selling books, the Company will also put its devices on the display. The visitors can try all of them. So, first and foremost, it’s a traditional bookstore Barnes & Noble with a section for technology.

An important thing that the Amazon’s physical store is doing in a different way is placing all the collection of books in face out style instead of spine out. For help, they have placed a placard in all the sections which includes the Amazon.com book rating & actual review from the customer.

The physical store, all prices will match the prices of the online store, as well. This physical store is situated in the Seattle’s University Village. The store is open on all 7 days of a week, but it will remain shut for holidays.

Amazon told, “The store is permanent spot, it is not any pop-up store”, so it means that the Amazon Books will around for a long time. And supposedly, we can even get to see more of physical book stores in different locations.

This year, as the source says, Amazon is experimenting with the idea of starting permanent physical stores in different locations. So, very soon we might hear about the second book seller shop by Amazon. Nothing else could be so public-facing when comes to Amazon Books, but if the Seattle store succeeds, then Amazon is definitely looking forward to expand the empire of physical selling stores of books.

A report states that the store has already created a buzz amongst the readers. The Amazon book lovers are really looking forward to its new idea for a business!

So, it would be right to say that Amazon will help in constructing something back that it destroyed earlier – Physical bookstores!

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