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Who’s Down – Application For Broadcasting Your Isolation!!


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You’re feeling low, you’re down and you are alone! But how is someone else supposed to know about that? No one is getting any dream or thoughts about your situation. How can people know about how you are feeling?

Install Who’s Down – the latest invite-only application from flourishing social media networking corporation Google, Inc.

Who's Down Application For Broadcasting Your Isolation

This application, more or less is a direct slash of the Danny Trinh’s Free. The app enables the users to broadcast their down-ness to their fellow friends by making a tap on the toggle in order to signal your instant accessibility for whatever.

In case, your friends choose to ignore you, you can simply invite any of them to the Hangout’s specific categories, either by your own recommendations (Chill & Netflix?) or by selecting from Google suggestions (“Anyone to take hold of tacos?”).

The application was initially spotted by the 9to5 Google and was available on Android and iOS devices. Right now, it’s an invite-only app. It shouldn’t be confused with the app – Down, earlier called Bang With Friends, even though the purpose of both apps is almost the same!

For signing up for Who’s Down app, you need to enter your details such as Name, Contact Number, and email ID address along with your school name. The school name option has been placed because this application specifically aims at the younger crowd. Google will soon update us with more information about this app.

So far, it appears to be an attempt made by Google to build inroads to get to the youth with the help of an instant messaging application offering an increasingly beneficial space to compete better, with rivals like Apple’s (iMessage), Facebook’s (WhatsApp, FB Messenger).

All rivals have already made a great impact on the youth crowd. Why should Google stay behind? Although, Hangout is very popular but it’s still a more of application mainly used by professional people. With Who’s Down, Google will definitely get to the youths across the world.

If Who’s down is successful, then some of its popular features might be added to Google’s Hangouts application, in the coming months. If not, then, going for spring cleaning is always the best option.

Who’s Down has been successfully reviewed and is now available for the users to download, install & use, assuming you are down.

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