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iOS 9.0.3 update available? Users facing overheating, slow charging and lag in iOS 9.0.2

We came across many new features in latest iOS 9 operating system. As you know, it was first unlocked with iPhone 6S and bigger dad 6S Plus Smartphone. Somehow, there are more to see in upcoming iPhone 7 Smartphone. Apple had brought many changes in iOS 9 compared to previous version. Later on, the company started rolling out iOS 9 firmware update to all supported devices.ios-9-for-iphone-ipad-iwatch-ipod

Earlier, most of the device was powered by iOS 8.4 version followed iOS 8.4.1 minor update. As soon as latest iOS 9 version reached devices, Apple closed the sign up window of previous version. Similarly, the device that runs on current iOS 9.0.2 version can’t downgrade to iOS 9.0.1 version.

No matter, if we can’t move back to older version. The latest version will add new features and enhancement in devices. It’s true! Apple iOS 9.0.1 got more than previous OS version. Along with new features, it also includes some minor issues. According to the consumer reports, iPhone 5S (iOS9) facing overheating and slow charging. Some user devices also lag for 4-5 minutes, while using a high graphic application. These problems are usually seen because of limited hardware specs in former devices. On reading to comments on Apple forum, we had listed problems such as Wifi connections, battery life as well as freezing in iPhone 5S.

In a recent video from Adrianisen shows demonstrates the issue in iPhone 5S (iOS 9). He had noticed, the device take some times to load and freeze in unlock screen. This issue not only arrived in iPhone 5S, but also in our iPad mini. If you are facing similar kind of issues, don’t forget to write in the comment section below. We look forward to fixes from Apple and let you know in the new article. We had gone through video comments and found lots of people facing similar kind of issues in the Smartphone like iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPad mini 2 and iPad 4.

Don’t worry, Apple soon fix the issue in upcoming iOS 9.0.3 update. We track every Apple update news, so don’t forget to connect with us on Facebook, twitter and other social platform.


  1. My iPad mini 1g is having freeze issues. Anything with video,but specially video games freeze for 30 secs or so or sometimes forever. I have to reload game to fix issue.

  2. My iPhone 6 Plus is heating near camera, will this new update solve the issue? Or shall I go for the Jailbreak method if any available?

  3. I have an iPhone 6 and it constantly freezes when trying to lock, unlock, use Safari, or apps like Facebook and Instagram. iMessages have been failing to send (therefore reverting to old green texts).
    SO FRUSTRATING! iOS 9 and 9.0.2 have essentially killed my phone experience.

  4. My iPad 2 has been freezing and slowed down since updating to 9.0.2. Battery time is also less than ever…

  5. iPhone 5 is freezing and has huge lag time when calling from the contacts screen.

  6. My 5a is freezing, overheating, discharging battery quickly, and slow to charge.

  7. IOS 9 messed up my iPhone 6. Completely. Night and freaking day, Im so frustrated with all the glitching and freezing and launching apps/typing all by itself! What gives??

  8. My iPad 2 has been malfunctioning since 9.0.1. Crashing all the time no matter what app I'm using. Even experiencing problems with Skype such as incoming video calls not ringing. Haven't a clue whether that's a Skype problem or Apple but it only started after 9.0.1 upgrade. Tried to upgrade to 9.0.2 but it won't. Perhaps that's just as well!

  9. My iphone 5 iOS 9.0.2 id verte slow navigating while wifi connected.
    Ir losts the sound of click when I take a picture
    Frecuently it doesn't detect wifi networks And continuosly it is disconnected From wifi
    Whatsapp messages don'y alert with sounds it turn on mute

  10. My iphone 5s iOS 9.0.2 is too slow navigating while wifi connected.
    It loses the sound of click when I take a picture
    Frequently it doesn't detect wifi networks
    Continuously it is disconnected from wifi
    Whatsapp messages sounds are mute
    Facebook goes down very often

  11. I have a 6s and Cant use game center and my phone is constantly freezing.

  12. I have an iPhone 5s and it does exactly what is shown in the video above. Also, sometimes when I want to restart it it won't let me slide the button to turn the device off. Does nothing, is just frozen. This is ever so frustrating!

  13. My iphone 5s doesnt charge anymore, it says its charging but nothing happens and it has completely run out of battery this happened after i downloaded ios9 also my computer doesnt recognize my iphone

  14. My FaceTime doesn't work , like I can call people but the camera doesn't show me or the person I'm contacting

  15. in ios 9.2 apps clash and mble hang is more han 9.2. im using iphone 4s

  16. You have to go under the settings FaceTime then if you see camera right there that's turned off turn it on try FaceTime again it works all the time to contact me saying thanks man you would say use this estepjw@gmail.com

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