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VLC Player returns to iOS, comes to Android TV, Windows Phone and Windows RT

VideoLan has re-released its VLC Player application for iOS, Android, Android TV, Windows Phone mobile operating system and also for Desktop PCs too. The VideoLan’s VLC player is considered as the topmost must have an application that has to be found in all sorts of devices. In the meanwhile, the application has been re-released with a tagline of “plays every little thing” in the Apple App store.vlc-media-player-latest

The reputed media player has gained a decent number of new features and comes from the outcome of over a year of function from the developers of VLC media player.

Jean Baptiste Kempf, President and lead developer of VideoLAN said,

“I’m pretty delighted about these releases. Moving VLC to the mobile globe was complicated, but the tough [part] is performed,” “VLC runs everywhere, plays every little thing. We’re operating on lots of new functions for VLC three.. to finish what we’ve started right here.”

The media player was becoming out of listed after the release of iOS 8 by the Apple Inc and also due to the licensing troubles. In early February, older version of VLC player was released in the App store of New Zealand and the same was not released in any other nations.

VLC new version comes with new features such as

  • VLC app, detects the videos that are shot in the portrait view and automatically rotates them according to the user’s screen orientation.
  • The android version of the application comes with an excellent visual update and in the meanwhile, it comes out with a beta version that supports Android TV too.
  • The iOS version of application comes with a better solution and also supports Yosemite’s new style.
  • The desktop version of the application is code named as Weatherwax and is support each and every file format that are available in the world of computers.

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